Registered Nurse Salary in Utah

The average reported salary in Utah for Registered Nurse was $66,427 a year with an hourly wage of $32 according to the ZipRecruiter website.  PayScale website reports median hourly pay of $27.23 in Utah. Glassdoor website reports a salary of $65,870 with very high confidence.

Due to the current crisis in the healthcare system because of COVID-19, website Indeed reports rapid changes in RN salaries with the latest base salary reports of $75,416 per year. They state that they have 67 salary reports averaging $28.91 per hour. Additionally, RNs may expect overtime compensation of $9,250 per year.

Registered Nurse Salary in Utah

RN Salaries by Year of Experience in Utah

Registered nurses with less than 1 year of experience may expect a salary of around $24.88. This is based on reported salaries including overtime, bonuses, and tips.

Registered nurses with 1-4 years of experience reportedly earned $26.12 per hour, including overtime, bonuses, and tips.

Registered nurses with more than 5 years of experience (op to 10) earned $29.11. This was reported by 63 RNs, including overtime, tips, and bonuses.

Experienced RNs with 10-19 years of experience reported a salary of $31.79. This is based on 35 reports, including tips, bonuses, and overtime.

Registered nurses with more than 20 years of experience working as RNs reported a salary of $36.25 per hour.

Years of ExperienceHourly mean wage
Annual mean wage
1 to 4$26.12$28,209.60
5 to 9$29.11$31,438.80
10 to 19$31.79$34,333.20

This table is based on gathered data and reports from RNs in Utah. Data is gathered from reputable websites. The annual mean wage is calculated based on a 40 hours working week.

RN Salaries by Year of Experience in Utah

Utah RN Salary Compared to Nationwide

While we can see the salaries of RNs in Utah from $33,055 to $100,583, most of the registered nurses have salaries in the range of $51,472 to $69,888. This is almost $18,000 difference mainly based on experience, over time, and bonuses.

When compared to other RNs working across the US, registered nurses in LA earn 50% more than the national average. In New York, they earn 44% more, Houston 23%, Dallas 13% more, and in Chicago 13% more compared to nurse’s salaries in Utah.

Most Popular Employers in Utah

Most of the gathered reports were from registered nurses working at Intermountain Healthcare, University of Utah Hospitals & Clinics, Primary Children’s Medical Center (Salt Lake City), University of Utah, MountainStar Healthcare, and HCA Healthcare.

Nurse Salaries in Utah

Intermountain Healthcare

Range: $24 – $39

University of Utah Hospitals & Clinics

Range: $24 – $34

Primary Children’s Medical Center (Salt Lake City)

Range: $26 – $32

University of Utah

Range: $24 – $35

MountainStar Healthcare

Range: $24 – $41

HCA Healthcare

Range: $23 – $34

From the documentation provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics for Utah, registered nurses in Utah earned $31 per hour. The average annual salary is reported to be $64,770. 

In comparison, nurse practitioners earned $53 per hour, $109,398 annually, licensed practical nurses earned $23, $48,080. 

Highest paying cities in Utah:

  • Layton – $129,224
  • Blanding – $100,421
  • Bountiful – $98,753
  • Provo – $85,470
  • Sandy – $78,487
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