Registered Nurse Salary in Kentucky

The average reported salary in Kentucky for Registered Nurse was $67,453 a year with an hourly wage of $30 according to the ZipRecruiter website.  PayScale website reports median hourly pay of $27.02 in Lexington. Glassdoor website reports a salary of $52,974 with very high confidence.

Due to the current crisis in the healthcare system because of COVID-19, website Indeed reports rapid changes in RN salaries with the latest base salary reports of $27.26 per hour. They state that they have 1000 salary reports averaging $58,177 a year. Additionally, RNs may expect overtime compensation of $10,125 per year.

Registered Nurse Salary in Kentucky

RN Salaries by Year of Experience in Kentucky

Registered nurses with less than 1 year of experience may expect a salary of around $23.69. This is based on reported salaries including overtime, bonuses, and tips.

Registered nurses with 1-4 years of experience reportedly earned $25.22 per hour, including overtime, bonuses, and tips.

Registered nurses with more than 5 years of experience (up to 10) earned $27.79. This was reported by 38 RNs, including overtime, tips, and bonuses.

Experienced RNs with 10-19 years of experience reported a salary of $31.33. This is based on 30 reports, including tips, bonuses, and overtime.

Registered nurses with more than 20 years of experience working as RNs reported a salary of $33.33.

Years of ExperienceHourly mean wage
Annual mean wage
1 to 4$25.22$27,237.60
5 to 9$27.79$30,013.20
10 to 19$31.33$33,836.40

This table is based on gathered data and reports from RNs in Kentucky. Data is gathered from reputable websites. The annual mean wage is calculated based on a 40 hours working week, including overtime, bonuses, tips, etc.

RN Salaries by Year of Experience in Kentucky

Kentucky RN Salary Compared to Nationwide

While we can see the salaries of RNs in Kentucky from $33,566 to $102,136, most of the registered nurses have salaries in the range of $52,267 to $70,968. This is almost $18,000 difference mainly based on experience, over time, and bonuses.

When compared to other RNs working across the US, registered nurses in LA earn 52% more than in Kentucky. In New York, they earn 44% more, Houston 24%, Dallas 14% more, and in Chicago 14% more compared to nurse’s salaries in Kentucky.

Compared Salary in Kentucky with Nationwide

Most Popular Employers in Kentucky

Most of the gathered reports were from registered nurses working in Norton Healthcare, Baptist Health (Kentucky), UofL Hospital, and KentuckyOne Health. In the table below you may see an average rate per hour in those health institutions.

Nurse Salaries in Kentucky

Norton Healthcare

Range: $23 – $34

Baptist Health (Kentucky)

Range: $23 – $32

UofL Hospital

Range: $24 – $39

KentuckyOne Health

Range: $24 – $33

Mercy Health

Range: $25 – $33

Kindred Healthcare

Range: $21 – $34

According to the website, the average registered nurse salary in Kentucky is $58,177. The range of salaries reported by their users is between $52,580 and $68,722 which is 15% lower than the national average even when we include $10,125 overtime. The main difference in salary is based on the city. Other factors that determine nurse salary in Kentucky are education, certificates, years of experience, and additional skills. 

Highest paying cities in Kentucky:

  • Hazard – $89,115 per year
  • Lexington – $78,3448 per year
  • Bowling Green – $69,834 per year
  • Ashland – $63,700 per year
  • Paducah – $63,455 per year

When compared with other professions, registered nurses in Kentucky earn on average $62,433 according to the website. They also state that nurse practitioners earned $101,083, licensed practical nurse $43,348, and nurse anestheist earned $161,220 in 2008.

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