Certified Nurse Midwife Salary in Vermont

The average reported certified nurse midwife (CNM) salary in Vermont for 2020 is $94850 per year, with an hourly wage of $45.6 per hour. Data collected is the average put together from reputable websites like PayScale, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Salary.com, and Glassdoor for 2020. We have set them against official data reported by BLS for 2019.

Once we compared reported salaries for certified nurse midwives and compared it with the average reported salary in Vermont, we noticed that there are some significant differences. We believe that the main reason for this issue is that users submit their salaries to previously mentioned websites. In any case, I would believe more official data. Here is a chart comparison of all reported CNM salaries for 2020:

CNM Salary in Vermont

Negotiations play a major role when discussing salaries. You need to be a good worker to get a job, but you need to learn to negotiate your salary as well. As you can see, differences in salary in Vermont range wildly. Women are more agreeable on average, so ladies often get paid less than they should be. For this reason, I would recommend checking a few courses that we have selected to help you get paid more.

COVID-19 crisis showed us in what state is our healthcare system. The global impact of the disease put many in a bad situation, but healthcare workers can expect positive growth. In some areas, websites like BLS predict even 20% growth. If you are thinking of becoming and certified nursing midwife in Vermont this can be a great time for you to start learning.

CNM Salaries by Year of Experience in Vermont

We have collected the following statistics for the average certified nurses midwife salary in Vermont based on years of experience. Those statistics are including tips, bonuses, and overtime for all experience groups.

An entry-level CNM nurse with less than one year of experience reportedly earns around $44.82 per hour. Compared to the national average of $50.5 per hour that is -11.24%. CNMs with one to four years of experience can expect an hourly rate of $47.35. When compared to the norm, this is -6.233%.

Certified nursing midwives with five to nine years of experience working in the field should expect in Vermont around $52.56 per hour. If you compare this with the national average, it is about 4.07%. Late career CNMs with ten to fifteen years of experience should expect an hourly rate of $57.45. This is 13.76% compared to the national average. CNMs with more than 20 years of experience earn the most in Vermont, about $65.35 per hour, 29.40% compared to the average certified nursing midwife salary in the US.

Vermont Hourly Rate vs Nation Average

TOP 10 Highest Paying Cities for CNMs in Vermont

We have created the following list of the top 10 highest paying cities in the US for certified nursing midwife salaries in the Vermont. On the top of the list is Essex Junction, closely followed by Winooski and South Burlington. Compared with the Vermont average salary, Essex Junction registered nurses can expect a slightly higher salary than average.

When you compare annual certified nurse midwife salaries in the Vermont, Essex Junction has a -4.81% compared to the national average. Winooski closely follows it with a -6.39% difference to the average. If you live in the South Burlington, you can expect a salary that is -9.08% compared to the US average. In the worst position are CNMs working in Rutland, St. Albans, and Bellows Falls, where they may expect a salary that is -14.39%, -14.41%, and -18.33% compared to the average yearly wage in the US, respectively.

Top 10 Cities in Vermont vs National Average

CNMs Salary in Vermont Compared to Nationwide

While we can see the salaries of CNMs in Vermont can range from $79438 to $132067, most of the certified nursing midwives have salaries in the range of $91456 to $116675. The difference between those two paychecks is significant, so you should invest in yourself. Even if you are satisfied with your current salary, you should check additional courses. For example, nurses with Infection Control Certification earn 39% more than base pay.

CNM Salary Vermont BLS Data

When compared to nationwide salary of $105030, certified nurse midwife paycheck in Vermont was $94850. Of course, CNMs in California, Florida, and New York earn significantly more, but they have much higher expenses. Even though 68% of CNMs state that they are satisfied with the job and salary, you would find a use for a few extra bucks. The easiest way to secure your future is to invest in yourself. Apply for certificates whenever you can spend some time learning new things and check selected courses. You will find on our website some interesting courses that will help you improve yourself, secure your job, and earn more.

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Certified Nurse Midwife Salary in Vermont

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